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Test drive first and make sure it's roomy enough for you and your family, and has enough storage space. I like the vehicle, but the storage is all wrong. The center console is so small. The cupholder is too deep. The let-down flap in the cupholder does not secure the drink, which makes it spill very easily.

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The charger and storage under the gear shift is just wrong really bad, tight spot. No storage behind the driver's seat. I like my vehicle, but there are three things I really hate: 1 the mini console - you really can't put anything in it, 2 the vehicles is too loud to be new - it's sounds like the engine is always idled, and 3 there is not any compartments organizers behind the driver's seat. With the engine being so loud, I'm afraid of what it will sound like in a year or two. Updated on Oct 5, It is easy to maneuver and fun to drive, but could benefit from a little more power.

Although the engine is not powerful, the paddle-shifters help compensate for this, and it returns excellent fuel economy as advertised. Unfortunately you cannot get a manual transmission with the AWD , but again the paddle-shifters help make up for this. The HR-V has proven to handle snowy, winter weather very well in the Eastern mountains, where we can have rapidly changing conditions. The drivers seating area has a sporty, almost cockpit like feel, which some may enjoy but those who are used to more spacious interiors may feel claustrophobic at first.

Their is a fair amount of road noise and engine noise , which Honda could likely handle with a little more insulation, but the car feels very stable on the highway. The interior carpet is low grade, but the rest of the interior is very nice. In spite of its limited power, the HR-V has a fun to drive quality, seems reliable , and is definitely fuel efficient. This vehicle should satisfy most drivers needs, except for those who require powerful acceleration or haul heavy loads.

New Honda HR-V SUV’s For Sale - Tracy Honda

I would prefer if this vehicle had been manufactured in the U. A vehicle's country of manufacture is important to me, and I would like to support American jobs with my next purchase. Actually, I wish that the Element was still in production and had a diesel engine option. The HR-V is a compromise that may or may not grow on me. Negatives I have encountered: -The handling on the HR-V is excellent, but the inability to pair the manual transmission with a sunroof greatly diminishes the driving enjoyment for the EX. Some extra power might help alleviate this.

The engine sounds "tinny," not very pleasant or reassuring.

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The Elements engine even sounded better -The paddle-shifters do not add to driving enjoyment for me, but they do help to compensate for low power when merging; again, I would prefer a manual transmission. Again I compare this to the Element, which I could drive for 12 hours without any severe discomfort. I would prefer knobs which are more intuitive and reliably responsive.

This would help on the highway. I find myself looking for it, but its not there for left turns. If I had known this I might have purchased a different vehicle. The Element was made in the U. I prefer for a vehicle to be made in the U. This does allow me overlook engine noise and lack of power somewhat -The aluminum wheel rims that come standard are sporty without being tacky.

Perfect -Visual Styling of interior , other than upper door sills, is great. The grey interior could stand to look more grey and less tan though. The HR-V needs more soundproofing and easier to clean interior materials. The cloth door trim and seat trim LX and EX models seem like they may not be durable. The material covering the floor of the HR-V is neither carpet nor rugged like the flooring was in the Element. It is unacceptable.

The flooring should be either carpet or a tough plastic. The HR-V should be offered with a manual transmission at all trim levels. The interior controls on the HR-V should use knobs rather than a touchscreen for most of the controls. I question the longterm reliability of touch controls and the CVT Transmission.

The HR-V should get better gas mileage considering its lethargic acceleration. The trunk of the HR-V does not open as easily as it should. There is almost no storage in the front of the HR-V.

High-End Technology and Versatility – Combined

Nov 15, This all started 3 years ago. I had an Igloo Max Cold cooler and 3 large Cooler Shock ice packs for transporting ice cream around town. On a trip to Palm Springs, I found it took about an hour for ice cream to get soft in the summer heat. I dreamt of bringing home ice cream from Fosselman's in Los Angeles but I didn't think my current setup would keep the ice cream frozen. It would hold 50 quarts which I thought would hold half gallons of ice cream.

I was excited the day the Igloo showed up on my doorstep and immediately went to put it in the trunk of my Civic Hybrid. Then I was horror-struck as I couldn't fit the Igloo Yukon in my trunk.

12222 Honda HR-V Incentives, Rebates & Deals

I tried tipping it sideways. No luck. After much thought, I decided to start saving up for a vehicle with a larger trunk. Over the next 3 years, I test drove a bunch of vehicles and measured many trunks. Being constrained by a small one-car garage I had to find a vehicle no more than 72" wide as my Civic was 69" wide and barely fit. I decided I'd test drive the newly upgraded HR-V and make a decision.

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In comparison to my old Civic Hybrid I've found the HR-V to be roomier and the seats more supportive and comfortable , the better suspension smooths out bumpy roads, and I like the higher seating position so I don't have to plop down into the seat. Acceleration is noticeably better around town.

At highway speed, there isn't much acceleration for passing in either car. The acceleration is better on grades as the Civic Hybrid battery would use up its charge and the underpowered gas engine would whine loudly trying to maintain speed. Higher ground clearance is noticeable now as I'm no longer bottoming out in poorly designed parking lot exits. The cabin seems cooler with a slightly more powerful AC.

2019 Honda HR-V - Review & Road Test

I added thermally efficient Photosync window tint in the windshield and windows which also keeps the cabin cooler. The electronics have improved too. LED daytime running lights are as bright as my old headlights. Apple Carplay makes it much easier to pick music and the Apple Maps are constantly updated so you don't need to buy a navigation DVD to update your maps. For they added soundproofing and active noise reduction to the Sport and higher HR-V trims and it's noticeably quieter than my Civic. I had stopped listening to music on the freeway as you had to blast the music to hear it over the road noise.

Now the road noise isn't bad and I can listen to music at the voice level. The downsides are the side door storage is not as spacious. Side door cupholder will only hold a ml bottle of Voss or smaller. Not much will fit in the space next to the side door cupholder. Gas mileage is not as good hovering around 29mpg overall.

Visibility out the back window is not as good. The back window isn't that big and the headrests in the back seats partially obstruct the back window. I am planning a trip to visit ice cream shops in San Francisco. Wish a higher level of sound insulation was offered as well as a more powerful engine the 1.