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The Conditions tab lets you set specific conditions for this rule that must be met for the rule to be applied to the cart. If the rule will be applied to all products, leave this section as is and move on to the Actions tab. Step 5 Click the green plus sign to open a drop down of options to select.

Step 6 Select Product attribute combination from the drop down. Step 7 Set specific details for the coupon under the Actions tab. Apply: This is where you choose which discount method you want to use, your options are as follows: Percent of Product Price Discount : This will discount the items in the cart by deducting a percentage from the original price ex. For our example, select this option Fixed Amount Discount : A set amount will be deducted from the original price ex. Minimum Qty Discount: The quantity of products on which the discount will be applied.

Percentages of the product price can be used as well. Free Shipping: Choose an option from the drop-down if it applies to your rule. No: Free shipping will be excluded from your rule For Matching Items Only: Free shipping will only be available for items in the cart that match the rule. For Shipment With Matching Items: Free shipping will be available for the entire cart when a coupon based on the rule is applied.

In this example: Save the rule as it is now. If your site has multiple store views or multiple websites with multiple views, enter in the label text for each one of these in this section.

Discount Coupon Code Link - Extension for Magento

Saving and Testing Once your rule has been created and configured, click the Save button at the top right of the page. This field is useful if you want to limit the coupon code to one or two items in the cart. In our case, we want the coupon code to apply to the whole cart so we can leave it blank. This tab is what may show up on the front-end of the website when the user applies the coupon. We want to now create category deals. Here we will go through the process of creating a BOGO coupon that only applies if you use the coupon code and meet the required conditions. We need to proceed by filling out appropriate fields.

The catch for this is that Magento only supports this type of discount only if the same item is being purchased. However, here at Ready Artwork, we do have different solutions for this problem and will be able to find a way to help. It seems that Magento Shopping Cart price Rules do not have such conditions as product status to add. Hello, Emma!

How to Configure Coupon Codes in Magento

Thank you for the question. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I set the rule up as you described, but it doesn't do exactly what I want it to. Do you know how I can adjust the rule to be a little more precise? Hi again. Also, your created rule should not contain any conditions setup in Conditions section. And the certain category should be specified in Actions section see the screenshot attached.

Discussion on Discount Coupon Code Link Extension for Magento

But can I have the code apply to a brand but exclude certain categories of that brand and exclude certain skus of that brand? Brand Home Improvement: Exclude Clearance and exclude sku a specific tub that is not a clearance item. Category is not SKU is not Hi, I have created coupon code for specific manufactures. I have manufactures but i created coupon code with discount amount for 10 manufactures only.

For example: product 1 coupon code not applicable manufacture - product 2 coupon code applicable manufactures - Is this possible to apply coupon code for product 2 only which is coupon code applicable manufactures product. I hope you guys understand. Thanks in Advance!!! Your question is a bit vague, can you please specify it more exactly? It would also help if you post a screenshot of the price rule settings you have applied so far.

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, Please find the attached screenshot. Try setting this condition to 'Actions' tab rather than 'Conditions' like at the image 1 attached.

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So far I have this: If total quantity greater than 3 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALLE of these conditions: SKU is one of A,B,C Subtotal is greater than But then it could be that the sum of A,B,C is less than , I add another product which is not part of the subselection and then the subtotal is greater than In this case the cart rule shouldn't be applied but it does because all conditions are true Row total in cart equals or greater than 3 In this case it should work as you expect.

Try and let me know if it suits you. Here is also a screen-capture: Comment screens. Hey, thanks for the quick response! It is working like that, I totally forgot that I can chose between "total amount" and "total quantity" Thanks a lot! Hi, Is there a way to configure discounts based on the shopping cart value.

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You can create separate rules per discount value you have. Hope this helps. I'm afraid that there is no way to achieve this with single code by default in Magento, as there is only 1 field to indicate discount amount. The client has to add to cart any of these goods mentioned in the rule or all of them?

28 comments found.

Please, specify your conditions that you used and result you want to achieve. Thanks for posting the details. The screenshots help! I have a situation similar to " 6. However, this same condition rule in the fixed amount off coupon does not work. Hopefully this makes sense.

7 Examples of Most Widely-Used Magento Promotions (Price Rules)

I would like to exclude certain categories when it comes to fixed amount off coupons. Am I overlooking something? Hello Nica. What is your Magento version?

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Have you cleared cache and performed re-index after you added the rule? If possible, please. This is great Thank you for explaining this so well. I do have one questions, Lets say I have items in store Or do I create a new category and add the new category to each of the items so they can be purchased seperatly or in a one time price offer but they only get to choose 10 items out of the specific items. Does this make sense???? Thank you for your comment. Actually cart rules allow to make reduction on cart total and I'm afraid there is no default possibility to set fixed price for 10 selected items in cart as usually the product price is different.

The condition you have is very complex and it is hardly possible that there is the way to do it out-of-the-box. Because we do not allow advertising at our website. If you have some valuable info to be added here, please, post the suggestion instead of the link. I have clothing website. Attribute Color is turned on to be used for Rules. But if I say "Color is White" then it works and applies discount to only Whites.

Any help would be appreciated. Hello, Sam, Thank you for your comment.

Try to list the rest of the attributes, except the white one, in Actions tab the following way: If ANY of these conditions are TRUE : color is black color is green color is brown Comment screens Hope that'll help. As far as we know, the only way, for now, is to add these parameters manually. Although, we will consider the possibility to manage shopping cart price rules and make mass changes in our Store Manager software in future. Hi, I have tinkered with "shopping Cart Price rules," all week end, and cant seem to get anything working The Objective is I have just setup this new rule, but doesn't seem to work I'm sure its something I'm doing incorrectly Hello, Ben, Thank you for your question.

Try to setup the rule the following way: Conditions: If ALL of these conditions are TRUE : Total Items Quantity equals or greater than 4 If total quantity equals or greater than 4 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions: Category is 25 Category is not one of 2, 26, 30, 31, 44, 45, 46, 29, Hi, Thanks for the fast service and Update, unfortunately I still can't the "Shopping cart price rules" to work. Have attempted various configuration, but still nothing happens Is there any other settings elsewhere that require change, for this to work Screen shots attached Look forward to hearing from you Regards Ben Comment screens Comment screens Comment screens.