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Have a look at some of the current top selling blurays below and click on any to find the cheapest shop selling it:. We believe that Best-Bluray-Price. You may be surprised at just how much you can save by comparing prices, e.

Every Blu-Ray and DVD in the Amazon Prime Day sale

We also include used prices, which are often far cheaper still. So next time you want to buy a blu-ray or 4K UHD blu-ray, whether that's a single movie or a big box set, then make sure you compare prices here first to ensure you get the cheapest price you can! It's a free service that takes seconds and can save you money!

Buying individual movies on blu-ray is a great way to get your favourite film in high quality when they're released, but many movies nowadays are part of big franchises with multiple sequels. Buying box sets of these can be a cost-effective way of getting the whole set. Maybe you already have one or more of the films already but want the whole set?

Get your next film fix with cheap blu-ray and DVDs

Well, it's often cheaper to buy a complete box set rather than the individual movies that you don't have. Another reason to buy a bluray box set can be that a better version of the film has been released, e.

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It does deliver fine picture and sound though. The film remains a titan of the sci-fi genre. The 4K presentation is strong, though there's no object-sound audio on the disc.

Rugby World Cup 12222

The presentation is a solid one with a thudding track. The image is a decent upgrade, but the real gains are in the sound. Even Legacy. The film puts in a commendable performance in both picture and audio. The image is impressive and John William's score soars.

Blu-ray: Entertainment World on One Disc

It's not much of an upgrade over the Blu-ray. The sound is terrific too. It's better than you might think, and the AV is top-notch. It's not as fresh, but serves up some spectacular action. Video quality is variable, but the audio tracks are a roaring success.

Second-Hand DVDs and Blu-Ray

No Dolby Vision, but it does come with an Atmos track. The 4K picture and Atmos track are surprisingly capable though.

Looks and sounds spectacular in 4K and Atmos. The picture upgrade is nice, but the soundtracks excel. It's a decent affair, though the AV quality offers little upgrade over the Blu-ray. The DTS:X track fares much better than the picture.

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The Atmos track offers good immersion. By far the best film he's made in years. The energetic Atmos soundtrack is the highlight. View at HMV. Features a DTS:X soundtrack. The visual effects are impressive, but the story and characters less so. No object-based soundtrack, though. Ultimate Edition offers improvements but could have been much better. Jordan's Adonis Creed as he follows in the footsteps of late father Apollo.

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The IMAX scenes, in particular, are startingly good. The UHD quality is superb. The picture and audio are terrific and Will Smith is in fine form. No object-based audio here, but the 5. The HDR visuals are nice and the Atmos track is phenomenal. Do not kill his dog. The Vietnam setting is interesting, the visuals are impressive and the sound is spectacular. The latter film is upscaled to 4K, while the original is native.

CG animals are still rubbish though. Visually impressive, and the audio is excellent too. The picture receives a slight upgrade, but the soundtrack is the real star. Absolutely take the red pill for this release. The soundtrack is the real highlight. This decade old film looks brand new on the 4K format as Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale's warring magicians go toe-to-toe.

Despite some good moments, it falls apart upon closer inspection and the main villain is rubbish.

The audio is improved too. The picture is bright and colourful and the Atmos track lands a punch. What Hi-Fi? The video gets a nice upgrade from the Blu-ray. The 4K video and audio lack pizzazz though. The audio is very good audio but the video is lacklustre. It's not much of an upgrade over the Blu-ray in either picture or sound. A standard comedy with a fairly good 4K presentation. The image has several issues that impact the film's visuals.

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  6. There's no HDR, but there are some stunning images. No HDR, but it's still watchable. It looks great while the soundtrack is a corker. The visuals and soundtrack are an upgrade over the Blu-ray. It looks splendid and the audio track rumbles with energy. Praise be to the gods for a very colourful film and an almighty soundtrack. The image is an upgrade and the audio track is fun. Where's our sequel? Visually it's a bit low-fi and the 5.

    The audio track is way above the ordinary 4K presentation. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable 4K release.